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The City of Fire and the Underground City's governments are at odds, but even more pressing than that - the Ancient Ones have decided to accelerate their plans. Now the City of Fire is tasked with figuring out how to continue the fight, despite Arrangement's wishes. Then, as Hanu struggles to find his place in this rapidly changing world, he receives a disturbing prediction about Year One from the Intergalactic Council. In the final installment of The Wake Trilogy, the Dissenters prepare for their final stand against the Ancient Ones. But with civil war on the horizon in the underground, will they be able to pull together in enough time to survive Year One?


Condition: New, signed

Signed Copy - Year One

  • Welcome, and thank you for checking out Year One! My biggest goal is to serve my fabulously loyal partners - you! If you're not completely satisfied with your order, I'll do everything I can to try and make it better!

    I carefully package each book with love (after thoroughly sanitizing and from a sterile storehouse), but I'm only human! Please look over your order as soon as you get it in your hands. If you you've received the wrong book by a mistake on our end, I will gladly pay for shipping if you'd like to return it in exchange for the correct one. At this time, I cannot issue refunds.

  • At this time, I am only able to ship within the United States. Thank you! 

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