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SASHA DEVORE is the author of The Wake Trilogy, a YA science fiction adventure which Readers Favorite has described, "... a high-quality young adult read for dark sci-fi and dystopian fans alike."

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"Fans of The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Maze Runner series will surely enjoy this..." 

                                              - Readers' Favorite

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Take the quiz

City Skyline

Score yourself

 which character are you?

1.      What’s your most dominant quality?       

        (A)   I’m a go-getter.

        (B)   I’m fearless.

        (C)   I’m go with the flow.

        (D)   I’m wise.

2.      Your best friend was captured by

         bad guys. What do you do?

         (A)   Sacrifice yourself to save them.

         (B)   Walk in guns blazing.           

         (C)   Let it work itself out.

         (D)   Stealthily extraction operation.

3.      What do you prefer to wear?   

         (A)   Things with sentimental value.  

         (B)   Combat boots.

         (C)   Whatever’s comfortable.

         (D)   Formal garments.

4.     How do you spend your free time?

        (A)   Hanging with the crew.

        (B)   Working out.

        (C)   Kick back and chill.

        (D)   Self-care and meditation. 

5.      What motto do you live by?

         (A)   “Friends never let you down.”

         (B)   “Kick butt first, take names later.”

         (C)   “You only live once!”

         (D)   “Follow your gut.”

6.      What makes you most unhappy?

         (A)   Being helpless

         (B)   Being lied to

         (C)   Being made fun of

         (D)   Having your talents suppressed

7.      In what season were you born?

         (A)   Summer

         (B)   Spring

         (C)   Winter

         (D)   Fall

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