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Sasha DeVore loves coffee and sleeping, and firmly believes there is no wrong time of day for breakfast tacos. When she isn’t teaching her wonderful elementary school students, she’s spending time with her equally wonderful husband, son and dogs at their home in Manor, TX.

She is the author of the Wake of Deception, described "A vivid dystopian tale with a truly apocalyptic twist" by Kirkus Reviews, as well as 5 star Readers' Favorite, Wake of Dissent. The final installment in the Wake Trilogy will be released in the Spring of 2020.

From the Author:

Hello, reader! Your visiting my website is an amazing honor, but it also kind of makes my tummy do somersaults. You see, the books - and the characters within them - are my babies; alive with adventure, heart, and just a little bit of that magic spark that feeds the soul. And as I present these stories to the world, I'm as protective and nervous as any mother would be - partly because I hope they provide you with great enjoyment, and partly because I hope they make as great an impact on you, as they have me. By the end of the journey, I hope that you will have remembered, as Hanu and I have, that in an uncertain world, you can stand by and do nothing, or you can do your part to bring about great change.

Wake of Deception is a Young Adult Sci-Fi adventure set in a dystopian future ruled by a seemingly benevolent race of extraterrestrials. Fans of Fahrenheit 451, The Giver, Hunger Games and The Matrix will enjoy this book.

Wake of Deception

Book One

    Almost a hundred years have passed since the Ancient Ones saved humanity from self-destruction, and life is more peaceful and productive than ever. But for fourteen year old Hanu, life at a mental hospital isn't productive at all - at least not with his treatment. Now he must join a group of patients who were summoned into the District of Operations to meet with the Council.

    Tensions are high as they travel to Capital City, as attacks from a mysterious faction called the Dissenters are ever-increasing. But Hanu and his friends soon learn that the Ancient Ones - and the Dissenters - aren't exactly who they appear to be.

    In the first installment of The Wake Trilogy, a young hero struggles to find his identity in an uncertain world.


                   Paperback | Kindle | Audiobook

Wake of Dissent

Book Two

     Hanu has decided he's a full-fledged Dissenter now, and he's set out to interrupt the Ancient Ones’ plans. But he finds himself lost in the desert instead. And with the Ancient Ones crawling the streets and citizens coming up missing in Capital City, he must rely on new friends, as well as old friends, to help him reach his goals before the Ancient Ones reach theirs. But it might not be enough, as it seems like the more he discovers about what the Ancient Ones have in store for humanity, the more discord arises within the Underground.    

     In the second installment of The Wake Trilogy, the future of humanity will be one of oblivious compliance if Hanu and his friends don't find a way to overcome the Dissenters' obstacles.


                          Paperback  |  Kindle

Year One

Book Three

     The City of Fire and the Underground City's governments are at odds, but even more pressing than that – the Ancient Ones have decided to abandon certain plans, and accelerate others. Now the City of Fire is tasked with figuring out how to continue the fight, despite Mavis' wishes.

    Then, as Hanu struggles to find his place in this rapidly changing world, the Intergalactic Council delivers a disturbing prediction about Year One.

     In the final installment of The Wake Trilogy, the Dissenters prepare for their final stand against the Ancient Ones. But with civil war on the horizon in the underground, and a disturbing prediction from the Intergalactic Council, will they be able to survive Year One?


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Prologue: They Came
00:00 / 06:06
Chapter Seven: The Secret Menu
00:00 / 07:46
Chapter One: Good Grief
00:00 / 16:02
Adventures of Thunderbird Man
00:00 / 12:31
The Thing I Never Reported
00:00 / 08:02
Spirit of Redemption
00:00 / 01:04

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