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Hello there, and thank you for stopping by.


I'm Sasha DeVore, the author of The Wake Trilogy, which was described, "a high-quality young adult read for dark sci-fi and dystopian fans alike," by Readers' Favorite, as well as a growing collection of short stories. Along with the release of Year One - the final installment in the trilogy - you can now purchase the e-boxed set. That's right - all three e-books in one! I've also got a super cool cover design for it, too, so make sure to check it out.  

If you click around enough, you'll find links to all my social media, as well as more about myself and all of my books. Make sure to follow me. I love hearing from you! 


S. DeVore

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Today is OUR day!

Release days are for shoutouts! And I want to give you a huge shoutout to you. THANK YOU for whatever part you've played in supporting my journey. Whether you've given words of encouragement, shared a social media post, purchased a book or given a review - I've internalized those actions deeply and feel so much gratitude for the progress we've made and the friends that I've found along the way. I want to dedicate this day to us! 


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