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This Would Totally Be Illegal...

I've started something new and so exciting it could easily be illegal. Well, in most dystopian societies it would be, at least. I'm going on a binger of indie sci-fi novels and I'm not sure when I'll be back! What's so exciting about that?

Independently published stories haven't been vetted and endorsed by those major publishing houses or reviewers who determine what's worthy of circulation or not. Do you know what that means? There's no telling what I'll find in these books! There's no telling what kind of crazy, offbeat, glorious ideas I'll uncover. These are rare experiences waiting to be had, and I'm all in.

Second, it'll give me an opportunity to appreciate the authors who've penned them. And this is important to me because, well - I'm one of them! I'm starting with "The Void" by Jinapher J. Hoffman. Look out for the full review.

Here we go!

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